Ensure patient compliance to their treatment plan!

Amazing Results

Save staff time by reducing or eliminating distracting traditional phone check-ins.

At the end of the day, receive a notification of the failed check ins.


Intuitive Design

An advanced dashboard that displays your metrics at a quick glance. Reduce confusion with our easy to use interface.

Designed To Excel


Facilitate seamless and convenient communication with your patients.


Custom design or randomly create patient call in schedules based on the color of the day. Flag select patients regardless of their assigned color.


Monitor your patients adherence and overall treatment process.

Why Todays Color?


Todays Color is for physicians and treatment providers who specialize in Medically Assisted Treatment of substance use disorders. Todays Color allows you to free up staff and streamline your patients daily check in procedures.

Patients are assigned a Patient ID number and password, along with a color. The patient checks in daily using the web application. If the patients color is called, they must adhere to any guidelines you've set. Such as providing a urine sample or submitting to a medication count.

Physicians are provided with a dashboard that displays an overview of the daily progress, along with historical metrics. At a quick glance, you can see who failed to check in for the day!

For patients who prefer to use traditional methods of checking in, we offer seamless PBX integration. This allows a patient to check in using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

We can provide technical support and custom software development to better integrate Todays Color into your existing technical infrastructure.

With our responsive design, you can easily use our services on a laptop, desktop, mobile, or tablet of any size!




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